Our Mission

DialyTran is committed to providing a wellness program that includes recreation therapy to promote wellness, health and support services – all to improve the quality of life of patients living with end-stage kidney disease and receiving hemodialysis treatment at the MUHC. We also provide supplementary support and services to patient’s family members and caregivers. 

The DialyTran Wellness Program:  

…betters the quality of the lives of 

patients undergoing hemodialysis 

at the MUHC.

Major lifestyle changes:

The majority of patients living with end-stage kidney disease must undergo (good word?) a 4 hour hemodialysis treatment, 3 times per week. 


The majority of these patients have a low quality of life due to:

  • being unable to work 
  • unstable physical health
  • increased depression
  • isolation
  • low self esteem 
  • low income

Overview of DialyTran and its Wellness Program 

DialyTran is a fund under the MUHC Foundation that is directed by volunteer board members. The MUHC’s Hemodialysis patients go through major lifestyle changes due their need for lifelong treatment, and must endure its effects on their quality of life.


DialyTran is also dedicated to providing a Wellness Program as recreation therapy and patient support services are an important part of the patient’s successful treatment plan. With support and a healthy leisure lifestyle, patients will be able to improve their quality of life. To learn more: