Our Mission

DialyTran is committed to providing a wellness program that includes recreation therapy to promote wellness, health and support services – all to improve the quality of life of patients living with end-stage kidney disease and receiving hemodialysis treatment at the MUHC. We also provide supplementary support and services to patient’s family members and caregivers. 


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Living with major lifestyle changes:

Patients living with end-stage kidney disease typically must undergo a 4 hour hemodialysis treatment, 3 times per week. 


The majority of these patients have a low quality of life due to:

  • being unable to work 
  • unstable physical health
  • increased depression
  • isolation
  • low self esteem 
  • low income

Overview of DialyTran and its Wellness Program 

DialyTran is a fund under the MUHC Foundation that is directed by volunteer board members. The MUHC’s Hemodialysis patients go through major lifestyle changes due their need for this demanding & lifelong treatment, and must endure its effects on their quality of life.


To help manage these challenges, DialyTran is dedicated to providing a Wellness Program as a cornerstone of their recreational therapy, as well as other important patient support services, in order to ensure the patient’s successful treatment plan. With this continuing support and a healthy leisure lifestyle, patients will be able to have an improved quality of life.  To learn more: